Comprehensive Plan

Smart Growth Plan 2007 to 2027

In 2007, the Village of Howards Grove adopted a 20 year comprehensive growth plan. The Village worked in conjunction with the Town of Herman and the Town of Mosel to develop this plan, so that growth of the Village can happen in an orderly and well-planned manner. 

The Village adopted the 2007 to 2027 Comprehensive Plan, also known as a "Smart Growth" Plan because if we didn't all do a little planning, our lives would likely be chaos. When we individually plan for our future, we consider our goals, objectives, and the opportunities that we have. Our planning involves anticipating what we think may happen, and also having some alternatives in case something else happens.

When we plan as a Village, we need to consider how we want our community to look, function, and feel. The adopted Comprehensive Plan is really the result of a "comprehensive" planning process. Village officials, in conjunction with a planning consultant and input from Village residents worked to create a vision for the future.

The purpose of this plan is to identify options and develop common goals. It is not the end of a process, but rather a starting point for implementation and decision making. This plan is a tool, not a final product. 

If you have questions about the plan, contact the Clerk/Treasurer at 234-0304. To view the Village of Howards Grove Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

Printing Instructions

When you open the Village of Howards Grove Comprehensive Plan you will notice that some of the maps and tables are either legal or ledger size. To print the entire document on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper, use the following settings in the Print dialog box: Page Handling section:

  • Page Scaling set to "Fit to Printer Margins"
  • Check the "Auto-Rotate and Center" box

The document has been formatted to print either one or two-sided. With either choice, blank pages have been inserted for the purpose of two-sided printing.

To print maps in color and at full scale as drawn, each map should be printed separately due to the variety of paper sizes.

Official Version of Documents

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