Tax Rates

The Village does not have control over the total tax rate, only the portion of the tax related to the budget established by the Village Board for Village operations. What things are covered by the Village budget? Things such as maintenance of Village roads, snow removal, park maintenance, Board & Committee members wages, all Village employees wages and benefits, and elections costs to name a few (more information about the budget). In recent years, for every $1.00 in property taxes collected, the Village was responsible for only about $0.19. The remaining $0.81 is sent to the other taxing jurisdictions.

For example, if you pay $1000 in taxes, only about $190 is retained by the Village. The remaining $810 is collected and then distributed to the State, County, Lakeshore Technical College and the Howards Grove School District.

 2017 Property Tax Rates (Payable in January & July of 2018)

LocationLevy amountTax Rate (per $1000)Percent of Total Taxes
State of Wisconsin 0%State of Wisconsin$$0
Sheboygan County 0%$1,353,686.04
State of Wisconsin
$ 5.7629.49%
Sheboygan County 0$1,353,686.04$ 5.7629.49%
Sheboygan County$1,353,686.04$ 5.7629.49%
LTC$ 198,504.96$ .854.32%
Howards Grove Schools$ 2,252,479.86$ 9.5949.07%
Village of Howards Grove$ 786,059.21$ 3.3517.12%
Less School Credit$ 406,300.01N/AN/A
NET TOTAL$4,184,430.06$17.87N/A

2016 Property Tax Rates (Payable in January & July of 2017)

LocationLevy AmountTax Rate (per $1000)Percent of Total Taxes
State of Wisconsin$ 38,673.13$ .160.88%
Sheboygan County$1,334,735.93$ 5.7530.49%
LTC$ 183,356.11$ .794.19%
Howards Grove Schools$ 2,044,046.92$ 8.8146.70%
Village of Howards Grove$ 776,511.21$ 3.3517.74%
Less School Credit-$ 390,256.77- $ 1.68N/A
NET TOTAL$3,987,066.53$17.18N/A