Planning Commission & Zoning Appeals

Planning Commission

The Village Board created a Planning Commission to review and recommend action to the Village Board on requests for approval of site plans, certified survey maps, zoning designation changes, new subdivision plat maps and the general planning of the Village. The Commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month, provided there is an issue submitted (PDF) for consideration. The Commission consists of five citizen members appointed to three-year staggered terms and two Village Board members appointed annually. Terms end on the third Monday of April.

View the most recent Plan Commission agenda or minutes.

The Plan Commission has completed updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF). A paper version is also located in the Clerk’s office at Village Hall.

Current Commission & Board Members

Planning Commission

  • Dale Wuestenhagen, Chair - terms ends April 2025
  • Shawn Baumhardt (citizen) - term ends April 2025
  • Wade Steinpreis (citizen) - term ends  2024
  • Todd Hinkfuss (citizen) - term ends  2024
  • Kevin Jump (citizen) - term ends April 2024
  • Ryan Welsing (Public Works) - term ends 2024
  • Mary Komoroski (Clerk Treasurer) - term ends April 2024

Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Todd Hinkfuss - term ends April 2024
  • Ken Sedmak - term ends April 2024
  • Kevin Jump - term ends April 2024
  • vacant - term ends
  • vacant (alternate) - term ends 
  • Vacant (alternate) - term ends 

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals hears arguments for the granting of a variance, or exception, to the zoning ordinance. An example would be a person who wishes to build a structure closer to the lot line than the Village Code allows. This person would be denied a building permit, since he/she did not meet the requirements. They could then "appeal" the denial of the permit to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Board of Appeals meets as needed, at a time convenient to the members and the appellant.

The Board of Appeals consists of five citizen members, and two alternates, appointed by the Village President and confirmed by the Village Board for staggered three-year terms. Terms end on third Monday in April.

To be granted a variance, state law has very stringent guidelines the Board of Appeals must follow:

  • The property owner must have no other use of the property without the granting of a variance.
  • The property must be unique in some way, that makes it different from other properties
  • The reason for the variance cannot be self-created (a person builds a shed without getting a building permit, and then it is discovered that the shed is too close to the neighbor’s lot line. A request for a variance to the setback provisions would not be granted as the reason the variance was needed was self-created).

Becoming a Member

Consider serving your community in this capacity and become more involved in the governing of your Village! The time commitment for either body is minimal, especially the Board of Appeals which typically meets once a year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer.