Dog Licenses

State Law and Village Ordinances require dogs to be licensed. Dog owners should get a license within 30 days of:

  • Acquiring a dog that is over five months old
  • The dog turning five months old
  • Moving into the Village with the dog

Dog licenses are $15 for unaltered dogs and $8 for a spayed/neutered dogs. Licenses are valid until Dec 31 of each year, regardless of when they were issued.

To obtain a license, the dog must have a valid rabies certificate from your veterinarian. The rabies tag, or an invoice showing the date of the last rabies vaccination is not sufficient. If you do not have a current rabies certificate, please obtain one from your vet prior to requesting the license.

Online Dog License

Submit an online dog license application. You will need to be able to scan or fax a copy of your rabies certificate to our office to license your dog online.

In Person Dog License

You may obtain a license at Village Hall during normal business hours. Please bring your rabies certificate and the appropriate fee.

Mail-In/Drop-Off Dog License

You may mail in your request for a dog license, or return it to the drop box at Village Hall, with a copy of the rabies certificate, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to return your dog tag and license to you. Send them to:
Village Clerk/Treasurer
 913 S. Wisconsin Drive
 Howards Grove, WI 53083

No Longer Own a Dog?

If you no longer have a dog that was previously licensed in the Village, please complete the Affidavit of Death or Disposal of Dog (PDF) and return it to Village Hall. This will help us to keep our records current, and eliminate the need to follow-up with you, or the issuance of a citation, for not obtaining a required dog license.