Building Inspection

Permits & Inspections

Obtaining a Permit

Applications for remodeling permits can be obtained at the Village Hall during regular office hours. You may complete the application in the Clerk/Treasurer’s office, however, permits will be reviewed by the Building Inspector Jack VanDerWeele. Print the building permit application (PDF).

The appropriate fees, possible inspections, and what is needed to accompany the application will be determined by the Building Inspector.

Applications for new 1 or 2 family homes require the completion of the Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application (PDF). To obtain a permit, this application, along with the other required items (click here for a checklist (PDF)) may be dropped off at Village Hall during regular office hours. The Building Inspector will review the application.

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for review of all permit applications. You will be notified when your permit is ready to be picked up. Please note, you may not begin construction until the plans are approved by the Building Inspector.

Scheduling an Inspection

To contact the Building Inspector to schedule an inspection, please use the contact information at the right.

Demolition Permits

If you remove any building, accessory structure, or portion thereof, a demolition permit is required. There is no charge for the permit, and it allows the assessor to make the appropriate reduction to your assessment.

Please complete the building permit application and in the description of work, indicate what is being removed.

Driveway Permits

The Village of Howards Grove requires driveway permits to add an access point on to Village streets. Typically only one driveway per lot is allowed. If you are building new construction on an empty lot, a separate driveway permit is not required. However, if you are looking to add a driveway to an existing improved property, please complete the Driveway Permit Application (PDF) and return it to Village Hall along with the $25 application fee.

Sign Permits

The Village of Howards Grove regulates signs and billboards within the Village limits. If you wish to install a sign on your property, no matter what the zoning, a permit is required. Certain signs are prohibited, and the permit ensures that your sign complies with the regulations. To apply for a Sign Permit, complete the Sign Permit Application (PDF) and return it to Village Hall along with the $25 application fee for residential signs (for commercial signs, please contact Village Hall for appropriate fees).

Right-of-Way Permits (Utility Permits)

If you will be doing any work within the public right-of-way, a Right-of-Way permit (PDF) is required. A permit must be obtained when installing sewer laterals, cable or phone lines, or other utilities. There is a $75 fee for this permit. Complete the necessary information and send your application along with payment (made out to the Village of Howards Grove) to: 

Village of Howards Grove
Attention: Director of Public Works
913 S. Wisconsin Drive
Howards Grove, WI 53083