Snow Plowing & Winter Parking

Winters in Wisconsin

Due to the nature of Wisconsin's winter storms, a variety of factors contribute to the methods and process for each snow/ice removal operation. Conditions such as rate and accumulation of snow fall, water content, temperature, time of day or night, wind direction and velocity, and length of storm all play a role in determining how quickly the roads can be cleared.

In view of this, licensed drivers operating a vehicle during or following a winter storm, should take caution and adjust their driving habits in accordance to the changing weather and road conditions.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Village of Howards Grove ordinances do restrict parking on the streets during the winter months to enable proper snow-plowing as necessary. From December 1st until April 1st each year, there is no parking on any Village streets during the hours of 2:00 am to 7:00 am. This restriction is in effect regardless of the weather or temperature.

Violators are subject to a $25 fine. 

Be sure to let any late night-overnight guests know about these parking restrictions.

General Snow Removal Policies

Removal of snow and ice are the responsibility of the Public Works Department. Other operations become secondary to snow removal during and immediately after a winter storm. It is the policy of the Howards Grove Village Board that:

  1. All Class II and Class III (see below) be passable during normal work hours while the storm in continuing.
  2. All Class II, Class III, and Class IV streets be open to travel (two lanes) within 24 hours after the storm ends.
  3. All Class II & Class III be plowed curb to curb and begin to show bare pavement within 36 hours after the storm ends. Class IV roads will be plowed, but may remain snow covered for a longer period of time.

The following road classifications (per the Wisconsin Department of Transportation) exist within the Village:

  • Class II - State Highways, 1000-5000 vehicles per day
    State Highway 32 (N. & S. Wisconsin Drive, Madison Avenue)
    State Highway 42 (N. Wisconsin Drive, Madison Avenue)
  • Class III - County Highways & Collector Streets, under 1000 vehicles per day
    County Road A (College Avenue) County Road JJ (Millersville Avenue)
    Collector Streets (Whittier, S. Lincoln, Stonebridge, Audubon, Frost, Oriole, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Tyler, and N. River Parkway)
  • Class IV - Residential, local traffic only
    All other streets within the Village

The following considerations are utilized by the Public Works Department in planning for snow removal:

  • Snowfall accumulations of up to 2 inches (depending on other weather conditions) are generally not plowed, or are handled with intermittent plowing or salting.
  • Snowplowing operations do not begin unless snowfall measures more than 2 inches and snow is continuing to fall, and/or weather forecasts call for additional accumulation and drifting conditions exist or are expected.
  • Snowplow operators are instructed to plow as close to the curb as possible with a minimum of passes without damaging property within the street right-of-way. Street right-of-way is generally 10 to 12 feet behind the curb.