Damage to Mailboxes

Village employees do everything they can to prevent damage to private property during plowing operations. Please be advised of the following to reduce the likelihood of damage:

  • When snow is predicted, please find off-street parking for vehicles whenever possible.
  • Mailboxes are most often damaged by the force of the moving snow, and not by direct contact with the plow truck or equipment. Please note that mailboxes placed within the street right-of-way are done so at the owner's risk. Properly installing your mailbox will help eliminate possible damage.
  • Install the box so it does not extend beyond the front face of the curb or closer than the edge of the roadway if there is no curb.
  • Allow sufficient room beneath the box platform for the plow to pass under. Be sure to remove snow and ice from below your mailbox, as compacted snow in this location causes the plow blade to raise and may hit the box. Following US Postal Service Guidelines for mailbox placement will usually help to limit damage caused by snowplowing.

Damage Claims
If your mailbox is damaged by direct contact with plowing equipment, it will be replaced to the extent of a wood post and conventional box. Be advised that replacement of specially constructed, decorated, painted or modified mailboxes will be at the owner's expense.

Be advised if lawn damage occurs from plowing operations, it will be repaired as time allows in the spring.


The Village, in the interest of public safety, has installed sidewalks along major traffic thoroughfares within the Village for the benefit of all Village residents. While the sidewalks are installed at taxpayer expense, and not assessed to the individual property owners, Village ordinance do require the property owner abutting the sidewalk to remove snow and ice within 24 hours after snowfall ceases.