Village Clerk/Treasurer

The Village Clerk-Treasurer is a full-time employee of the Village. Appointed by the Village Board, this person is the official records custodian for all Village-related matters. The Clerk-Treasurer and staff are responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all Village Board documents as prescribed by State law and Village Code.

These duties include:

  • Archiving and maintaining Village Board and Committee documents, official proceedings (minutes), ordinances, and resolutions
  • Maintaining boards and commissions applications and appointments
  • Administering alcohol, cigarette and other business licenses
  • Maintaining election materials and records, and providing voting information
  • Issuing dog licenses
  • Providing Notary Public services
  • Publicizing of legal notices
  • Providing information in response to residents' (and others') concerns and questions
  • All accounting functions for the Village, including monitoring of the budget
  • Human resource management for Village employees

Official Version of Documents

Agendas, meeting minutes, notices and ordinance text on this website are for convenience purposes only and should not be considered a legal representation of the official copy. If you require an official copy of any of these documents, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer's office at 920-234-0304.