Election Workers


Elections workers are responsible for all aspects of the administration of an election. They process same-day voter registrations, verify voter documents, assist voters as needed, process all absentee ballots, and complete all paperwork necessary following the close of the polls. They ensure the integrity of elections, and must have on-going training to keep up on all of the changes to election law. 

Election workers are appointed by the Village President for two-year terms in odd-numbered years. The Village Clerk/Treasurer may appoint additional election workers, if needed, during a term. The Village of Howards Grove uses split shifts, so that in most cases, an election worker will not work more than 7 to 8 hours at a time. If you are interested in serving as an election worker, please contact the Village Clerk/Treasurer at 234-0304.

Current Election Workers:

Geri Brendel-Chief Inspection                                                     Brianna Bedard                                                                             Richard Dolgner
Jan Holmes-Chief Inspector
Anne Vogel                                                                                       Ann Hahn

Deb Morrelle-Chief Inspector
Diane Mulder
Diane Ninnemann-Chief Inspector
Diane Weiland                                                                                Steve Faust                                                                                      Robert Fischer                                                                                Jessica Thun - Chief Inspector