Appearing Before the Board

Getting on the Agenda

Anyone wishing to have an issue considered for placement on an upcoming agenda should make their request to the Village Clerk-Treasurer at least one week prior to the Board meeting (some topics may require more lead time, so as soon as you know, please make your request). 

Letters, petitions, reports or other written documentation regarding your request is always helpful over strictly verbal requests, so that copies can be distributed to the Board members for their advance information and review. Providing this documentation helps ensure that your request is placed on the agenda of the appropriate Committee or the Village Board for action.

Public Comment

Any person may appear before the Village Board on any issue during the "Period of Public Comment" portion of the agenda. Please note that the Board may only listen and refer your comment or question to staff or a Board Committee for further consideration, if appropriate. Wisconsin Open Meetings laws do not allow the Board to take any action on items brought forward during Public Comment. 

Public Comment allows you to address the Board on any topic of your choosing. To participate in a Village Board meeting during Public Comment, just attend any regular Board meeting (held the third Tuesday) and complete the short Public Comment Registration Form (PDF) to turn in to the Clerk-Treasurer prior to the start of the meeting. For additional information and guidelines on appearing before the Board, please read the Guidelines for Public Input at Village Meetings (PDF).