Running for Office

Becoming a member of the Village Board

If you are interested in serving on the Village Board, elections are held every April. Three trustees are up for election in even numbered years, and three trustees and the Village President are up for election in odd numbered years. The Village uses the nomination system of election.

Get more information on the responsibilities of the Village Board, general information, or here to view more specific committee responsibilities. These are paid positions, with the Village President receiving a salary of $3000 per year. Trustees receive $50 per meeting ($25 for meetings 30 minutes or less).

To be placed on the ballot, signed nominations papers, with at least 20 valid signatures and no more than 100 valid signatures, are due by the first Tuesday in January prior to the election. You may begin circulating nomination papers no sooner than December 1st, prior to the election. In addition to the nomination papers, there are several other forms that must be submitted. Please click below for each of the required forms:

Ballot Access Checklist (PDF)
Campaign Finance Registration Statement (PDF)
Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)
Nomination Papers (PDF)

If you are a current Village Board member and are not planning to run again, you must file the Notification of Non-candidacy by 5:00 pm on the Tuesday two weeks before the 1st Tuesday in January. Failure to file this paperwork on time, will result in a 72-hour deadline extension for anyone else wishing to run for office.

If you have questions about the process to get on the ballot, please contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 920-234-0304.