Members of the Village Board serve on several different Village Board Committees. The Committees are comprised of three Trustees, with the Village President an ex officio member of all of the Committees. The President appoints Trustees to at least two of the five standing Committees and selects the chair of each Committee. The appointments are confirmed by vote of the Village Board. Each Committee reviews topics and issues related to the committees’ responsibilities and provides recommendations to the full board.

Committee Areas of Responsibility:

  • Finance - reviews regular payments, the annual budget, and any other financial related decisions of the Board
  • Personnel - responsible for employee issues, benefit administration, and contract employees
  • Public Safety - reviews matters related to the safety of residents, including fire protection, constables, and some traffic safety issues
  • Public Works - responsible for streets and building maintenance
  • Health, Welfare & Parks - responsible for park related items and health and sanitation issues, such as noxious weeds

Committee assignments for the 2022 to 2023 year:


Eric Kriete, Chair
Michael Winter
Connie Meyer


Jeff Plass, Chair
Michael Winter
Connie Meyer

Public Works

Josh Pieper, Chair
Taylor Horness
Harley Abler

Public Safety

Taylor Horness, Chair
Harley Abler 
Joshua Pieper


Michael Winter, Chair
Connie Meyer
Joshua Pieper

Planning Commission

Harley Abler,  Chair
Jeff Plass

The Plan Commission also includes five citizen members. More information on the Planning Commission.