The Village Board, in conjunction with the Clerk/Treasurer and other department heads, develops the budget for the Village in the late summer/fall each year. The budget covers annual operating costs, capital improvement items, and any general obligation debt. The budget provides guidance to the Village Board and Village staff for purchases made during that budget year. In addition, the Village has adopted a purchasing policy (PDF) that also guides purchasing decisions.

Annual Operating Costs include maintenance of Village roads, maintenance of storm/sanitary sewers, constable services, snow removal, park maintenance and development, fire protection, garbage pickup, street cleaning, street lighting, brush chipping, leaf vacuuming, bridge maintenance, community center expenses, election costs, school crossing guards, sidewalk costs, Village building maintenance, building inspections and all Village employee and Board or Committee members wages and benefits. While this list is not all-inclusive, it is a good sample of what services are supported by the tax dollars retained by the Village. 

Capital Improvement includes items such as road projects, park building or equipment improvements, long-range planning items such as replacement of trucks, other public works equipment, technology or office equipment.

General Obligation Debt includes principal and interest payments on any outstanding debt, such as bonds or loans.

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2023 Budget (PDF)
2017 Budget (PDF)
2016 Budget (PDF)
2015 Budget (PDF)
2012 Budget
2011 Budget
2010 Budget

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Budgets, agendas, meeting minutes, notices and ordinance text on this website are for convenience purposes only and should not be considered a legal representation of the official copy. If you require an official copy of any of these documents, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer's office at 920-234-0304.